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Are you ready to take your Project Office Management to the next level?

Our PMO Solution is the perfect tool to help you get started on your journey! With its user-friendly interface, you’ll find everything you need to know to be successful right at your fingertips and hit the ground running on any project.
Our tool is designed to support and guide you throughout every step of your project Office journey. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you’ll be able to manage all the project information in 1 place, and free up so much time to execute your projects with ease. So, why wait any longer?

What Makes ProjectOffice Your Ultimate Choice?

ProjectOffice is an ideal choice for project management with its comprehensive suite of features. Its integrated RAID system ensures meticulous tracking across various aspects like planning, budgeting, and change management. The platform offers over 250 analytics and KPIs, embedded reporting, live dashboards, and exports to Excel and Word for enhanced data analysis and flexibility. Features like a customisable interface and two-factor authentication add to its security and adaptability, making it highly effective for handling complex projects efficiently.

Our Features

Real Time Dashboards

Our assessment service involves a thorough examination and evaluation of your specific needs, challenges, and goals.

Real Time Dashboards

Our knowledge services provide access to a wealth of information and resources.

Benefits Management

Tap into our expertise to benefit from the collective knowledge and skills.

Meeting Minutes

Retrieve and manage your phone number information.

Budgeting Control 

Facilitate collaboration and communication with our conference services.

Time Writing 

Enjoy crystal-clear communication with our Talk/HD service.

KPI Tracking

Enhance your communication strategy with our business text messaging service.

External Requests

Customize your communication infrastructure with user extensions.

Quality Assurance

Elevate your customer support and engagement with our call center services.


Our call handling service ensures that every call is managed with precision and professionalism.

120 + KPIs

Streamline and optimize your organizational processes with our administration services.

Benefit Tracking

Streamline and optimize your organizational processes with our administration services.

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Remote Monitoring Tools

Smart, secure and efficient tools to help you keep your systems running in optimal
condition. Ask us about our remote monitoring and support software today!

Professional cloud

Jasmine helpdesk

Our Services

We use a subscription PER PROJECT PER MONTH Model


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Enterprise Project

Internet based communication


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What Our Customer's Say About Us

Our ratings on the most popular review

Comprehensive Control and Success with ProjectOffice
A Review from big4 consulting firm
Read More
ProjectOffice is a 360 PMO control house for managing portfolios, programs, and projects. Its seamless interface streamlines project oversight, providing real-time cockpit dashboards for intuitive decision-making. With its early warning detection systems, robust RAID management modules, and meticulous SoW tracking and reporting capabilities, this tool has truly transformed our portfolio management controls.Highly recommended for organisations serious about true program and project success.
Revolutionizing Our Project Management
A Review from an EMEA Energy Company
Read More
ProjectOffice has revolutionized our project management processes. The intuitive interface and comprehensive features have streamlined our workflow, significantly reducing project timelines and enhancing team collaboration. It’s an indispensable tool for any energy company looking to optimize efficiency.
Optimizing Government Projects
A Review from Middle East Government Entity
Read More
ProjectOffice has significantly improved our project management practices within various government entities. The tool’s comprehensive features and ease of use have enabled us to manage large-scale projects more efficiently and effectively. It’s a vital resource for any government organization focused on enhancing project outcomes.
Boosting Manufacturing Efficiency
A Review from a Dutch Manufacturing Company
Read More
Our continuous improvement and operational excellence projects were previously chaotic and difficult to manage. With the implementation of the project office, we can now effectively track progress and deliver benefits much faster.

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