Where do I start?

So you have your empty project. Now what? Let us start with putting some content into the system, and although we recommend you start with identifying your initial risks and actions, we will explain how to start planning your initial … Read More

howto – create account

Howto subscribe your first account – Step 1 When you subscribe your first project you will have the options to chose your subdomain. in the example I will use “DEMO”. Your environments will be:   The first one … Read More

Creating new User

Steps to create a new user The basic user configuration consists of 3 steps: 1) Create the user account 2) Assign user to a  project (or projects) 3) Activate and Invite Step 1: Adding the user Start with: On the … Read More

Single user, 1 project

Choose your sub-domain name

This can be your company, portfolio or program or project name: