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We're here to help

We understand that learning a new system sometimes needs a little help to get going. No Problem. As we prepare to put as many short instructions online, we offer you a small webinar to walk you thru the system. Any other questions or remarks can also be sent using the form below. If you have a great idea for something that would make the system more valuable for you, earn a free month for a project of choice if we implement your idea. (chances are: we probably will. Happy customers are our primary goals).

Frequently Asked Questions

We've compiled a list of answers to common questions.
Do I have all functionality on my mobile?
Can I manage multiple projects?
How many KPIs are in the system?
Can we have a report like.....?
As it a planning tool?
What that PPPM mean?
How many features does the system have?
What is my benefit of using this service?
I need help with Planning!

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