Hello World

Hello World… Allow us to introduce ourselves

We are proud to release our official go-live version of our cloud-based Project-Office solution to the world. We have included many features we have developed in close harmony with BIG4 Consultants, program teams, and Project Offices. 

We have tested our solution in real situations and noticed increased project transparency, ease of use, and near-real-time reports, benefitting all the projects in early signaling potential risk situations for the project’s success. 

Who are we?  We are a team of PMO professionals with Big4 experience and bring over 150 years of project delivery experience.

We hope you enjoy our service, and we have an offer for you.

The first 100 subscribers will get 2 hours of our knowledge in support FOR FREE!  Just as a token of our appreciation.

Our normal price is 125 EURO per project per month, the first 1000 subscribed projects will be for 79 EURO per project per month only!

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